Viper Nation Academic Booster
Excellence in Education
Scholarship Application 2020

Thank you to all 2020 Seniors for your scholarship submissions.  The Scholarship Committee will be reviewing these and announce all winners by May 15th.

Several scholarships opportunities are available to full-time seniors attending Vandegrift High School. Completed applications should be submitted to the VHS Counseling Office by 4:00 pm on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 

To access the scholarships listed below with the exception of The Irish Wong Memorial Fund for the Creative Arts and the Strong Bodies Strong Minds Scholarship (see links for separate scholarship forms below), download the Complete Scholarship Form here

  • The Viper Nation Academic Booster Scholarships: several $1,000 scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic standing and involvement in sanctioned or approved VHS organizations and other off-campus organizations. These scholarships are based on merit and not on financial need. They will be awarded to a student with a major in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).
  • Drs. Brent and Jennifer Cardwell Medical Scholarship: one (1) $1,000 scholarship will be awarded based on major and interest in Medicine or the Biomedical Sciences.
  • Four Points News: $ 500 scholarship will be awarded to one (1) student who will be attending Texas Tech University and/or with a major related to Journalism.
  • Bhatt Family/Four Points Dermatology Scholarships – two (2) scholarships of $1,000 each for two (2) students interested in pursuing careers in Medicine or Science but who display a well-rounded community service oriented background.
  • Concordia/Viper Nation Academic Booster Community Scholarship: two (2) scholarships of $2,000 each ($1,000 per semester), to be awarded to two (2) students who will be attending Concordia University as full-time students.
  • The Strong Bodies Strong Minds Scholarship: Viper Nation will award one (1) $1,000 scholarship to a senior athlete from Vandegrift High School who participated in athletics at and graduated from Canyon Ridge Middle School 



  • The Iris Wong Memorial Fund for the Creative Arts: one (1) $1,000 scholarship to be awarded to one (1) student on the basis of academic standing and review of the applicant’s portfolio and/or resume and answers to questions in the application. Iris Wong held a deep love and appreciation for art and everything creative. To honor her spirit, Iris’ family created this endowment to help others with a similar passion begin their post-secondary education in either a fine arts or performing arts discipline. 

2018 Excellence in Education Scholarship Winners 


2018 Viper Nation Scholarship Recipients
Congratulations to these 2018 Vandegrift High School seniors who represent an impressive array of graduates who will pursue degrees in the STEM fields, business, art and medicine. We applaud their hard work and wish them great success in their higher education journey. Special thanks to our generous individual sponsors and our supporters around the community for honoring these students with scholarships.




Cardwell Family Scholarship/Cedar Park Pediatrics and Family Medicine:
$1000 scholarship
Ashwin Kalidas
University of Texas at Austin

Mark and Karen Wisniewski Scholarship:
$2,500 scholarship
Adeline Carter
University of California, Los Angeles

Four Points News:
$500 scholarship
Whitney Tran
Texas Tech University

Bhatt Family / Four Points Dermatology:
$1000 scholarship
Ami Patel
University of Texas at Dallas

Bhatt Family / Four Points Dermatology:
$1000 scholarship
Savanna Ullmann
University of Florida

Iris Wong Memorial Scholarship for the Creative Arts:
$1000 scholarship
Ashlyn Whiteside
Rider University

Viper Nation Education Foundation Scholarships: 5 (five)
$1000 scholarships

Richard Dang
Texas A&M University

Sachin Desai
University of Texas at Austin

William Fisher
Texas A&M University

Trent Gamel
Duke University

Matthew Poole
University of Florida