The Viper Nation Academic Booster was created to enhance the learning experience of students in Austin’s Four Points area public schools in leadership, entrepreneurship, college-readiness and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). We provide grants to teachers, administrators, and school-based groups of Vandegrift High School and its feeder campuses that further this mission in support of college and career readiness for the 21st Century.


• Applicants must use the online application form and complete each section in order to be reviewed.

• Applications will be accepted from, but are not limited to:

• An individual campus staff member (teacher, librarian, counselor, administrator)

• A group of teachers at a campus (e.g. grade level team or an integrated team)

• A group of teachers or administrators from different campuses

• A representative of school-based groups such as the PTA/PTSA

• An involved parent leading community organizations (e.g. scout troop)

• To be eligible for this funding, your project must directly impact:

• A Leander ISD program, campus or group of campuses within the Four Points Area

• One of the Foundation’s core mission categories: leadership, entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM)

• College and career readiness for the 21st Century

• A specific group of students (by grade level, club, course participation, etc.)


The Impact Grant Committee is comprised of members representing the Viper Nation Academic Booster, LISD, and the Four Points community. A priority is made to recruit committee members representing the high-tech industry and higher education community. During the month of April, the grant committee will review grant requests and score applications using the Scoring Rubric to identify programs that stand out as driving a high impact on our student. Our goal is to DIRECTLY affect classroom learning and to fund grants that will drive systemic change. Applications submitted by a grade level, department, or subject-based teams are likely to receive priority.

Award of Funds:

• Grants of up to $2,500 will be awarded per individual. A team-based application may request a $5,000 grant.

• Funding is entirely under the discretion of the Impact Grant Committee. Grants may be funded in full, or only partially, based on the committee’s recommendation.

• The size and number of awards will be determined by the amount of funds allocated by the Viper Nation Academic Booster for this purpose.

• The committee will take into consideration the final score and strive to fairly distribute funding between elementary, middle, and high school levels and between the campuses at each grade level.

• You should allow up to four weeks after the date of grant approval before grant funds are available at your school.

• Funds must be expended by June 1, 2021, and projects must be completed by June 5, 2021. Unspent funds must be returned to the Foundation by June 30, 2021.

• Any school-based resources purchased with Viper Nation grant funds must follow these guidelines:

• Resources must stay with the campus if used by a group of teachers and the grantee transfers or leaves LISD.

• Resources are allowed to move within LISD if awarded to an individual teacher who is transferring campuses within LISD.

• Resources must stay with the campus when the grantee leaves LISD.


• You will be notified in late April or early May 2020 for program implementation in the 2020-2021 academic year.

• The grant manager is responsible for implementing the grant at his or her school. The grantees are the principals, teachers and/or classrooms affected by the project. Notification and other correspondence will only be directed to the grant manager.

Reporting and Evaluation:

• At least one representative from each funded project may be requested to provide a short presentation about the project to the Viper Nation Academic Booster Board of Directors.

• A written, self-evaluation will be due by June 30, 2021.

Deadlines and Submission Process:

• Upon Principal consent, completed applications are due no later than Friday, March 13, 2020, please email to:


Below is a checklist to ensure that your application contains all of the necessary information. Incomplete applications cannot be considered for funding.

• Signed Grant Cover Sheet with original signatures

• Signed Commitment Letter

• Project Overview Sheet

• Project Detail (no more than three pages total)

• Budget Request Form

• Evaluation Instrument designed to monitor program success

Application Examples:

You can download these examples of exceptionally written applications that we have received:

Please contact the Impact Grant committee chair William “Biff” Farrell at for questions regarding the application process or funding timeline.